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Discovery Bugopedia

ISBN: 9781603209885

The Ultimate Guide To All Things Insect!

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Bugopedia brings you face-to-face with amazing insects, from many-spotted ladybugs and hardworking leaf-cutter ants to bothersome bedbugs and long-legged grasshoppers.

  • Learn about metamorphosis and how an insect grows from egg to adult.
  • See how some honeybees form "heat balls" to tackle great big hornets threatening their colonies.
  • Check out an insect wrangler working with bugs on a movie set.

Look for the up-close macro photos and life-size pictures to see some of the tiniest and largest insects in the world, including a beetle that is bigger thanĀ  your hand! Bugopedia brings you the latest information, coolest facts, and most amazing photos of awesome insects and other creepy-crawlies.

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Format Soft Cover