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Messenger of Fear & The Tattooed Heart

Author: Michael Grant

ISBN: 9781405265171


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MESSENGER OF FEAR: "Who are you?" That was the first question I asked the boy in front of me. The pale, solemn young man in the black coat with small silver skulls for buttons. But he didn't answer it. Instead he answered the question I never asked, but which was nevertheless what I really wanted to know. Am I dead? No. Not dead, he told me. But surely not quite alive, either. How could I be? I remembered my name - Mara. But, standing in that ghostly place, still shuddering at the memory of the creeping yellow mist that had awoken me in that strange, silent land, I could recall nothing else about myself. And then the games began...

THE TATTOOED HEART: A group of people were walking slowly up the road toward us. Four of the men carried something, and I could already guess that this was a funeral procession. "Why are we here?" I asked. "This is the victim," Messenger said. "Our business is with the ones responsible. The wickedness we pursue is not murder, but murder's source. "It is hatred we pursue. Hatred." Messenger and Mara serve the balance. They seek out injustice and punish the wicked. But their world is changing and everything depends on the decisions Mara makes. The Messenger's apprentice is about to face her greatest test...

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Language English
Format Soft Cover